Dragon Tiger Mountain Southern Praying Mantis Kungfu

Kwongsai Dragon Tiger Mountain - Lam Sang's Legacy

Research shows, Som Dot and Lee Siem were on Dragon Tiger Mt. circa 1880.

Lam Sang's Mantis Amulet! 
Lam Sang, in the USA, had given his first generation disciples an amulet from Kwongsai Dragon Tiger Mt.  The photo right shows my late Sibok Harry Sun 's.  It states, "Jook Lum Temple Kwongsai Dragon Tiger Mountain".   It was worn around the neck and made of silver.

Anecdote: One of Lam Sang's first generation disciples amulet was accidentally thrown away. I knew a silversmith and was asked to have it replaced.   I did and it looked exactly the same. Although, it just wasn't the same to the wearer.

Southern Praying Mantis Kungfu propagated in the bamboo forest of Mt. Dragon-Tiger, Kwongsai province. 
One scenic mountain range resembles a dragon and tiger bowing to each other.  The first Taoist Pope of China, Chang Tao Ling, established his religious authority there which continued until 1949 as sixty three unbroken generations.  Kwongsai Dragon Tiger Mountain

Today, his palaces are a major tourist attraction on this famous mountain.  They are divided into two compounds, the Hsiang Ching (Highest Pure) Palace, and the Heavenly Master Mansion. The former is the temple proper and still accomodates hundreds of Taoist priests.  The later is the official residence of the Taoist Pope.   For a complete essay of Mt. Dragon Tiger and its mantis secrets, including photos and video, get a copy of the China Survey eBook!

Scroll down to the middle of this page and view the video of one the Taoist Pope's palaces.


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